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How does the world see Christians?

I first read the following words a number of years ago. They were written in the second century by the Roman lawyer Aristides, who was attempting to explain to the Emperor Hadrian what this new “Christian” community was all about. … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Parade of the Cross

As the beginning of the school year draws nearer, and although we at the Biblical School will be embarking on journeys all thoughout the Old and New Testaments over our four year program, it’s good to start with some perspective. Ultimately, … Continue reading

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St. Jerome on Reading the Bible

“Read assiduously and learn as much as you can. Let sleep find you holding your Bible, and when your head nods let it be resting on the sacred page.” (St Jerome, Letter to Eustochius)

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The Particulars of Rapture

  I’ve borrowed the title of this post from a book by Torah and Talmud scholar, Avivah Zornberg, who wrote a book on Exodus by the same name. In an radio interview I was recently listening to, Zornberg presented a beautiful … Continue reading

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Hello and welcome to the Odos Blog

In Greek, the word odos (pronounced “hodos”) means “way” or “road”. As Catholics, we are all called to follow the “Way of the Lord”, as Jesus continually calls us to do in the Gospels. But what does this mean to a typical … Continue reading

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